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special occasions

Escape rooms are a fantastic way to celebrate any special occasion. They're all about fun, teamwork, and the thrill of cracking puzzles. Perfect for any event, from birthdays to school trips, they turn a regular celebration into an awesome adventure. It's not just a game – it's an unforgettable experience with friends and family, filled with laughs and high fives. So, for your next big day, think escape rooms at The Escapement!


Ready to dive into an escape room adventure at The Escapement?


Booking your experience is simple! Head to our book now section to pick your date and room, or give us a call at 01843 44 99 08 fix you have any queries.


We recommend booking in advance for teams larger than 6 to ensure you get your preferred time slot.



If your team is over 7 players, drop us an email, and we'll tailor the timing just for you.


Planning a children's party? We've got you covered! Our games can be adjusted for younger players, but remember, an adult must join in on the fun. Let's make your occasion unforgettable with an escape room challenge!

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