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Looking for a fun and exciting experience to offer students?

Here at The Escapement, we provide the ultimate in unique and lively entertainment!


At present, we can host 4-30 players starting at any one time. For larger groups, we can accomodate multiple escape room sessions. All language school students will receive 15% off listed price, if booking 14 or more players,


Our Escape Room adventures are incredibly inclusive. With a variety of puzzles using symbols, sounds, visuals and numbers, each game has been carefully designed to be achievable by groups with mixed language skills.


Our hosts set up the Escape Room scenario and clues in English, giving students the chance to learn and practise the language in an enaging way.


In addition to our indoor quests also provide an educational Outdoor Escape Room meets Treasure Hunt.


Using custom, first-of-it's kind technology we allow students to explore the town with a handheld device, booklet and map. Following a route which covers 1.7km, learning the hidden history of Broadstairs and visiting local shops which house animatronic and interactive shop windows.

(Winner of Creative Digital Award - Kent Business Awards)


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