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With over 2000 5* reviews, multiple awards and a wealth of industry knowledge we are confident we can help you with anything Escape Room. From those starting out in the industry to those wanting to improve and further their existing offering, we're here to help.


We can help bring ideas to life. Whether it be design, help for an initial idea or starting from scratch. Our innovative ideas and input will help you to create something special. 


From concept to CAD our team can do it all.


A reliable build team that know exactly what is required for an Escape Room is hard to find. Over the years we have found fantastic carpenters who work alongside our in house team to build props and sets. We have a range of skills including Arduino programming and micro-electronics.

Looking for a partner who can take your immersive experience to the next level with cutting-edge technology? Look no further than our team at The Escapement.


We're thrilled to announce that we're now officially working alongside Clockwork Dog —the technological masterminds behind some of the most unforgettable immersive experiences out there, such as Secret Cinema, Monopoly Lifesized and Saw The Experience —to offer COGS installation, project pack programming, conversion to COGS, and custom content creation.


With our expert programming skills, wide depth of knowledge and Clockwork Dog's ingenious software, we're confident we can help you create an experience that will leave your guests speechless. So why wait? Contact us today to start making your vision a reality!

Our Recent Projects

Room 13, Houdini's, Doncaster

Project Pandora is a commissioned outdoor Escape Room game designed by The Escapement for Pier Pressure in Brighton.

Pier Pressure gave us a clear brief: A fun, bright game aimed towards families.

We created a narrative and story and worked together to design engaging puzzles around key locations and monuments in the Brighton area. We built custom shop window animatronics, handheld devices, a device vending machine as well as a final 5 ft tall Pandora's box.



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