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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Founded in 2017 by partners Lewis & Mica, The Escapement is so much more than just Escape Rooms. Over the last four years, we have imagined, designed, built and created one of the UK's Best Escape Room venues which has helped to shape and change the industry. Our Escape Rooms have never been boring office rooms with a few locked boxes. We create sprawling, immersive sets with fun, engaging, in-theme puzzles all whilst flexing our innovative technological prowess. We rigorously train our staff to provide only the very best customer journey so that each and every person who visits has a memorable experience.

For us, The Escapement is a true passion project.

Happy Friends

Catalyst For Change

We're incredibly passionate about Escape Rooms and this new, emerging industry. We're constantly pushing the boundaries to create even more immersive games and inspire others to do the same. Every year since it was founded we have headlined at E.R.I.C (Escape Room Industry Conference) to share our knowledge, showcase our tech advances and coach others on how to create a five star experience!

We've won multiple industry awards and accolades as well as being featured on TV.


The Team

We take great pride in having curated an amazing, talented team of actors, musicians and performers who will lead you through your experience at The Escapement. Our staff are what make The Escapement experience extra special. As a team, we regularly travel the UK and overseas for research to help grow, develop and improve our adventures.

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