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Herbert & Whites solicitors have contacted you regarding the estate of a one Winifred Maud Brisley. Who, upon the 100th anniversary of her passing, instructed that one thousand households across the globe receive a bequest from her estate.


You have been identified as one of the benefactors and as such, you are invited to collect your mysterious inheritance.


What is it?


A festive play-at-home escape room chronicle with an enveloping narrative that will captivate your imagination and unearth the true meaning of Christmas. Journey back through time, solving conundrums and enigmas of Christmases past.


What do you get?


You'll receive a personalised package filled to the brim with 20+ individual trinkets and handcrafted curios of exceptional quality. To accompany your adventure you will also receive pages from a beautiful storybook, laced with painted illustrations. The Charm of Christmas past is a narrated puzzle experience that brings the spirit of Christmas to life.


Who's it for?


2-6 Players


Suitable for families, friends, couples and gifting

Great for lockdown games

Christmas games

Perfect for multi person/family gifting over Christmas

The Charm of Christmas Past

£39.99 Regular Price
£30.00Sale Price
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