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Christmas Parties: Unlock Festive Fun at The Escapement

This festive season, revolutionise your office Christmas party by diving into the thrilling, immersive world of escape rooms at The Escapement!

Say goodbye to awkward small talks and forced festivities. Instead, have fun, enhance team collaboration, and ignite problem-solving skills in an atmosphere bustling with excitement and mystery.

Escape rooms at The Escapement are a mix of theatre and classic whodunits! There's often a misconception that Escape rooms are scary or claustraphobic, in our case, that couldn't be any further from the truth. Our games are adventures, with multiple rooms and sprawling sets. There's something for everyone and the whole team can get involved.

Escape rooms have emerged as the modern answer to team building, and our games were built with teamwork in mind, providing a unique platform where teams can unite, communicate, and conquer challenges together, immersed in captivating, light-hearted, cinematic environment.

Escape rooms offer something different to your usual Christmas parties. We're fun, inclusive and exciting! With two venues to choose from, we have convenient locations in Margate and Broadstairs. We can cater for up to 30 people every 90 minutes and prices start from £15pp. 🎄 Ready to revolutionise your Christmas festivities?

Contact us here or call 01843 44 99 08

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